The Literacy Tree

I’m working on a creative idea (imagine that) of creating an installation piece at the school. It would be a literacy initiative within the school and I’m hoping that all of the teachers will want to get involved. My idea is that the classes will create textured papers (from found papers, and media experimentation) which they will use to create leaf cutouts. The students will write a haiku or short poem on one side of the leaf in English, and provide a suitable translation in Nisga’a on the other side. The classes will give the leaves to me (and hopefully a group of enthusiastic and interested artists) to attach to the tree that we will build after school. My wish is that the project will get people thinking about how much fun it is to write, as well as to think about how literacy works across subject areas and after school hours too. I am going to work up a proposal for the teachers to see what kind of interest is there. Then, I’ll keep you posted!

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