Poetry is an infection…

Technique:     Free Verse

Focus:     Analogy

Poetry is an infection that gets under the skin

It festers

and irritates

itches and nags

wakes you in the middle of the night,

then bursts forth

an ooze

too sticky to shake


3 thoughts on “Poetry is an infection…

  1. kseverny says:

    An interesting vision of poetry

  2. hobbyaddict1 says:

    I love this. This is very much how I have felt when writing my own poetry.

  3. I’m in the process of writing a book of poetry and honestly, there are days when I think it will drive me crazy. Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I seem to process the emotions that I write about, so some days I really do feel like I’m dealing with a virus! Thanks so much for your comments.

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