Follow the White Wolf (Excerpt)

Technique:     Developing setting by using spatial organization; developing background plot

Intention:     To create a clear image in the reader’s mind of what the bridge of the Destiny looks like; to increase understanding of the background plot; plant a hook into the next scene

Genre:     Science Fiction

The bridge was a hum of activity dominated by a forward view screen that had been set to show the soft velvet of space strewn. Mitchell Ogawa bent over his console oblivious to the intriguing sight, while to his right the science officer also ignored the glittering spectacle. Only the captain spared the time to contemplate the screen as she waited expectantly for Liam and Kineu to arrive. Lorok had discovered a small star system that looked too inviting to pass up.  No sign of Nexus but she thought the delay would be worthwhile. Destiny was still in need of repair after their battle with the Rojans, and stocking up on supplies was always a concern now that they were so far from known space.

The lift doors hissed open. Finally, someone had arrived. She swung about in her chair to greet the new arrival, but was halted by the look of horror on Mitchell Ogawa’s face. His rich complexion had paled to grey with shock. To her left, she heard a quick intake of breath from Lorok. Her body completed its revolution, and her eyes recorded what had so shaken her two seasoned officers.

Kineu lay on the floor of the turbo lift. His back was arched in an impossible U, while his fingers spasmed against the grey carpet.  An eerie moaning emerged from his bluing lips.

She leapt up.

“Mr. Ogawa, displace him to Sickbay, at once.” Sinkiewicz’s command cut through the confusion holding Mitchell Ogawa mute at Communications. He pulled himself together, and forced his eyes away from the convulsing figure. His fingers raced over the control panel, transferring the flicker of energy needed to displace Kineu to the waiting doctor.

“Mitchell, you have the bridge. Lorok, join me in Sickbay.” As the lift’s doors closed Mitchell moved from his position at Communications, down the two stairs to the command chair. He practiced the calm expression that usually graced Kineu’s face in troubling situations. Judging from the other officers’ faces he had failed. Five years on Destiny still hadn’t prepared him for the shock of seeing a commanding officer down and writhing.