A Million Reasons

Technique:     Free Verse Poetry

Focus:     Developing an analogy; contrasting long and short lines to create rhythm and emphasis

I read

about love, heartache, loss

and the teen dreamer in me

recognizes the story

as a reflection of my own

… losing yourself in fantasy

in the Harlequin sensuality

of the rabbit hole

is more seductive than the amber liquid

of adult escapism


underneath it all is recognition of

the cancer

the tumour upon your consciousness

too bad

removing yourself from your imagination

is as difficult

as a divorce from nicotine


a continuous line of thought

Technique:     Free Verse Poetry

Focus: Experimenting with capitals and punctuation to create the visual effect of continuity

a continuous line of thought


behind my eyes

and flows easily from my pen

the land speaks

with an intelligence

of many tongues –

it speaks to us

and sometimes

when we are lucky

we listen

Frayed Patterns

Technique:     Free Verse

Intention:     Experimenting with Incremental Repetition to create rhythm and balance

stories …

            told in fragmented fashion

            teased from the lips of modern man

            and woman

tell …

of overlapping relationships

            nephew to uncle, daughter to mother, child to parent

            younger to elder

            of family-tying-family together

-living threads weaving deeper truths –

now knotted, broken, torn

we patch in haphazard fashion

pull threads together

catch up a stitch

invent material from stories


we are fragmented – all –

some of us from choice

some of us from leaving behind old lives to grow new ones

we dance fearfully, joyfully, passionately the dance of life.

others dance too

dance the pain of life broken

-dance the fragments-

fearfully, joyfully, passionately, uncertainly

their feet echo the beat of almost forgotten drums

hesitating sometimes

then returning

fearfully, joyfully, passionately weaving

living rhythms

Broken Circles

Technique:    Free Verse

Intention:     Exploring the idea of paradox

so ugly in the safety
of its own circle
seeking control
exerting dominance
toxic insecurity
seeing only the round
of numbered belief
unaware of the breaks
the silent tones
of non
learn the lesson of the bee
winged impossibility
is it gold and black
or black and gold
does it matter …


Technique:     Free Verse

Focus:     Point of View (present tense)

– present tense –
wishing for the connection
the golden line
the soft sense of communion
between two opposing views
maybe not in words
but feelings
reaching for clear sight
to look between worlds
inner and outer

breathing in the moment
and releasing possibility

let go the sense of failure
the disconnection
the broken lines of

be in the moment
even now