Blue (excerpt)

Technique:    Characterization and Description

Intention:     To create a well rounded character through the techniques of description and introspection.

Genre:     Fantasy

She paused for a moment.

The brush balanced precariously in her hand, halted in mid-motion as if a button had been pushed. What could it mean? Her dark eyes sought confirmation of the thought that had skittered through her mind like a sewer rat in pursuit of a rotten morsel.

The only thing looking back at her was her own reflection.

Tiny, almost elfin, features. Black hair tumbling in wild waves to the small of her back. Winged brows framing midnight blue eyes. Red lips. Nothing much to look at, really, she mused. She would never win any beauty contests.

Reessa shrugged. Luckily she wasn’t too worried about winning any contests. She was too busy studying to be a wise woman. Of course, she had a long way to go before she received even her first tattoo. Wise woman training began at thirteen, and continued – well, Reessa wasn’t actually sure when it ended. To be sure, only one woman that she knew had ever covered her entire body with the cobalt markings and even then Greya said that she hadn’t fully attained wisdom. There was still a small circle of flesh coloured flesh on her left shoulder blade.